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The statue honoring Ibrahimovic was dismembered and crushed by fans

Swedish police have just come into the investigation after the bronze statue honoring the country’s famous striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Malmo’s home town was devastated when it crashed and his legs were severed.

AFP quoted the Swedish media as saying that the statue in honor of the football striker has been the target of many Malmo FF fans’ devastation since Ibra invested Hammarby Club is based in Stockholm. Hammarby is considered the rival of Malmo FF Club, the team where Ibrahimovic started his professional football career.

Late last year, after investing in Hammarby, Ibrahimovic had to file a complaint of sabotage when the statue was attacked several times. In particular, in addition to being painted silver silver, the poor statue outside the Malmo Club’s yard also had his legs, nose sawed and hung some toilet equipment.

In the latest incident, the statue collapsed on top of a protective barrier, while one leg was partly cut off. Shortly thereafter, a local police spokesman told AFP that he had received a complaint about the act of sabotaging the 38-year-old striker who had just returned to AC Milan. Some information said the statue will most likely be moved elsewhere.

“I understand many people are disappointed with Zlatan’s actions (referring to investing in Hammarby Club) but sabotage is not acceptable. It’s better to express your dissatisfaction in the right way”, Malmo Deputy Mayor Frida Trollmyr told AFP.

According to local media, some comments from people suggested moving the sculpture honoring Ibra in February. Meanwhile, a Malmo city government spokesman said the statue had now been removed and would be repaired.

Currently, Ibrahimovic is preparing to make his debut back to AC Milan in the match against Sampdoria in the 18th round of Serie A. Previously, after leaving LA Galaxy Club (USA), the 38-year-old striker signed a 6-month contract with the San Siro team and received many expectations to rescue this team from a crisis of style when 12th in the rankings, 21 points behind leaders Juventus.