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Arsenal ditched Mesut Ozil for commercial interests in China?

Mesut Ozil has been ripped off by Arsenal to register for the Premier League and Europa League, which he thinks has commercial reasons.

According to the Daily Mail, Mesut Ozil believes Arsenal’s commercial interests in China influenced his decision to exclude him from the squad to register for the Premier League and Europa League.

The German midfielder launched a fierce attack on the club, which accuses Arsenal of loyalty, before adding that he will continue to use his voice to combat inhumaneity.

This aggressive statement by Ozil is believed to allude to the famous post he posted to Instagram last December, which condemns the mistreatment of Uighurs Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. This has damaging commercial consequences for the club.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV responded by dropping coverage of Arsenal’s Premier League match against Man City the next day. Meanwhile, Ozil’s comments were picked up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the Chinese Football Federation judgment.

As a result, Ozil was removed from the Chinese video game Pro Evolution Soccer, and his account was also removed from the social networking platform Weibo with 4 million followers.

Arsenal maintains a significant commercial presence in China, where the club owns a chain of restaurants and has an official lottery partner, which reinforces Ozil’s belief that he was disqualified for the aforementioned reason.

Although Ozil avoided criticizing coach Mikel Arteta, but was harsh to the club: “When I signed in 2018, I pledged to be loyal to my favorite club, Arsenal, and it saddened me for No respond”

As he just found out, it is difficult to have loyalty these days. He could promise us that this difficult decision will not change anything in his mind.

He will continue to practice as best he can and use his voice to fight inhumaneity and justice wherever possible.

MU slipped out of the Top 4 if the Premier League calculated by the Ligue 1 formula

MU will be outside the Top 4 Premier League this season if calculated according to the formula of Ligue 1. Another team is Arsenal also does not have good rankings.

MU, Tottenham and Arsenal will all be outside the Top 4 in the Premier League if the tournament is calculated according to the formula that Ligue 1 has applied to give the championship to PSG. The French championship this season was cancelled after the French government banned all sports activities until September to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

MU trượt khỏi Top 4 nếu Ngoại hạng Anh tính theo công thức Ligue 1

However, the French Football Federation still decided to award the title of Ligue 1 to PSG after consulting with the clubs attending the tournament and applying a special scoring method. So what happens if the Premier League also applies this scoring method?

The French Football Federation has calculated the points ratio based on the available data about the matches that took place this season to conclude that PSG will win Ligue 1. played both matches in this season.

Which club has 2 wins against the same opponent has 3 points; 1 win and 1 draw is 2 points; 1 win and 1 loss is 1.5 points; 2 draws are 1 point; 1 draw and 1 loss is 0.5 point. Failure in both matches of course has no points. If the two clubs meet only once this season, the results will be the same.

If this method is applied in the Premier League, Liverpool will be crowned champion with a score of 109. Man City, Leicester and Chelsea respectively occupy the remaining positions in the Top 4. MU ranked fifth to win tickets to Europa. League, if the ban on Man City has not been lifted and MU will not win the Europa League this season.

Arsenal was even worse when the club dropped to 12th place if the Premier League applied the points ratio. Calculated, the current Top 8 English Premier League does not change position when applying the Ligue 1 scoring method.

MU trượt khỏi Top 4 nếu Ngoại hạng Anh tính theo công thức Ligue 1

However, this option may not be applicable when the Premier League’s Organizing Committee is planning to return the tournament from June 8.