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Tottenham lost to Liverpool bitterly: Mourinho was bitter, provoking Klopp

Mourinho was quite bitter when the home team lost to Liverpool in the 90th minute and went from outside to the press conference room with Klopp.

Mourinho’s Tottenham has just lost the unbeaten streak in the Premier League quite bitterly. They were Liverpool’s visitors in the 13th round and finished 1-2 with Firmino’s goal in the 90th minute. However, things were different if Bergwijn did not finish on the post at the beginning of the second half.

Losing at the last minute, Mourinho was clearly not satisfied. The Portuguese teacher immediately tried to “let go” when he greeted Klopp after the final whistle. The radio station returned to the scene where Klopp stopped and smiled after Mourinho’s words. The two sides had a few words and then separated with a smile on Klopp’s lips.

The reporters at the press conference were very curious about this and “Special One” did not hesitate to share. Of course, Mourinho also did not pass up the opportunity to tease his opponent.

“I told Klopp that the stronger team lost. He disagrees but that is his opinion. By the way, I have to say that if I take action off the border like Klopp, I would be sent off. If I were to hold the fourth referee’s stoppage sign (implying Pep Guardiola’s actions in the match between Man City and West Brom), so would fate. In short, everything between us is fine. It is none of my business to referees letting Klopp act like this. I’m just sad because I am different from the rest, but life is like that”.

In addition, the Portuguese teacher also shared his feelings about the match. “I think we had a good game against an opponent with great attack power. When you lose the ball, there is an 80% chance that the ball will reach your penalty area. The score setting table is completely deserved. It was a nice goal and Firmino had a very good header. I think my team is at its highest level of ability”.

Meanwhile, coach Jurgen Klopp also countered extremely smartly. “I think my English is much worse than you know. He approached me and said something. Looks like the better team has lost or something like that. You better ask Mourinho.”

Mourinho broke the crowd, Pogba disillusioned to Real?

Pogba’s desire to land at Real Madrid was suddenly shocked because the name was no stranger to French player Jose Mourinho.

Pogba’s departure from the beginning of the transfer spent a lot of paper on the press until now, the future of the French player has not been determined. However, a new turning point has appeared and this turning point is likely to bring the final answer to the story of Pogba – MU – Real Madrid.

Real is in a lack of persuasion during the past time, Zidane’s second term could not bring joy to Real Madrid’s host club in the past. And that is exactly why this French coach can fly his chair right before Christmas, even earlier.


It is worth mentioning that the name chosen to replace Zidane is an unfamiliar name for Pogba himself, Jose Mourinho. Before the prospect of the Real Madrid ship sinking, this team needs a personal coach who can bring it back on track, and according to the leaked rumors, the former Manchester United coach, who has been indirectly kicked by Pogba was aimed to sit in the position that Zidane left. This is not a piece of happy news for the Manchester Utd payroll midfielder.

The relationship between Pogba and Mourinho is no stranger, the Portuguese teacher publicly imprisoned the French star on the bench at the time of his leadership, while Pogba, he did not just hold the head of the dressing room, indirectly impacting the decision to sack Mourinho of Manchester United. With the above collisions, these two names probably never want to touch, let alone work together one more time.


Moreover, Mourinho has a very close relationship with President Florentino Perez. This information will greatly affect Pogba’s decision to move to Real, plus salary demands, the dream of wearing the Spanish Royal team more and more obscure with the French star.

Of course, this is just one of the theories because Zidane is still given the opportunity to continue to prove. But even if it is a rumor, just think of reuniting Mourinho, Pogba would have to really consider it.