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Rumors About The New Girlgroup Of SM Entertaiment Controversy

Recently, the music bands of the 4th generation move to greet the yard Kpop is getting more attention from the public, including new girlgroup of SM Entertainment. The outstanding success from SNSD or the achievements of Red Velvet make fan not stop curious about this group consort self-distribution.

Recently, the kingpin’s next girlgroup Kpop has bombshell when there are rumors that the vocalist of the idol is also the summit than Taeyeon (SNSD) and Wendy (Red Velvet). Specifically, two members of the group are known as the rookie NingNing (from China) and Koeun (from Korea).

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Koeun is trained in eight years and there are rumors she has to lose interest, losing debut along Red Velvet in the hands of Yeri. Meanwhile, NingNing – a young trainee was born in 2002 only just joined SM in 2016.

Can see two female interns are owned sweet voice but still quite immature. Though not yet know about the real capacity of Koeun and NingNing when debut will happen but netizen immediately had the threaded comments. A division that SM is too PR momentum and did not believe the two woman recruits might Taeyeon’s vocals are definitive food and Wendy:

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– “I’ve heard both sang and they even do not equal to the level of Wendy and Taeyeon. SM is used PR too far for the rookie then. If they cool, they will be released only”.

– “It is better to Wendy and Taeyeon, can I believe it?”

– “Trust or not, this is the good voice but why SM selected Yeri… Better than Taeyeon…. when she launched?? Or now ?? Hmmm, they exaggerated it! but still expect and hope there will be new power vocals!”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wendy (Red Velvet

Besides, it was suggested that the two singing Taeyeon and Wendy did not stand that they just are PR, praised excessively:

– “In the SM, Lina and Luna (f (x)) and Wendy, Taeyeon sang better, but they were underestimated while Taeyeon always be appreciated is No.1. Taeyeon vocals just a boring color bored. Even Wendy still do better”.

– “They can be better than that! Wendy where there is so great.”

– “I do not understand why some people think Taeyeon’s singing peaks when she only boring color as the others!”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taeyeon

Undeniably far, the idol group SM always possess crisis vocal and the fans recognized, but the rookie could surpass predecessors or not, will have to wait until they launch new evaluation is warranted.

The Rules Of YG With Black Pink And iKON

Has always been known as one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea, however YG entertainment has some rules with their “chickens house” made fans angry.

Kpop has always been seen by spectators as beautiful dressed bands and shine on stage. However, behind them are the strict regulations required artists to adhere and follow them, so as to limit the unnecessary scandal.

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Black Pink With “7 No” Regulation

Black Pink is a girl music band which has subverted Korean music scene since their debut. On June 29, YG entertainment announced the official lineup of Black Pink. With the rigorous training process and the remarkable achievements since appeared, the girl band was expected to usurp the rank of the “National Music Band” of SNSD.

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In the Party People program, Black Pink has revealed 7 bans were considered quite harsh: no dating, no drinking, no smoking, no surgery, not go clubbing, no tattoos and no driving.

These prohibitions are considered to be not difficult to understand for an idol music band to ensure the most beautiful image in the public eye of the band. Though the company has strict regulations, but YG president can also change one of the provisions when the group be more successful in their career.

iKON With The Rule… “Forbidden” To Meet Junior Black Pink

In addition, on February 2nd, Bobby of iKON band also shared about the prohibition of dating to the music band’s members. No matter where they are, they are required to inform the company beforehand.

What is more surprising is iKON shared that they will be reprimanded if meeting the girl music band in the same company is Black Pink. That means that until now, iKON might still has not seen this girl band in the same company with them. Many people believe that the company YG is a very nice, fun and freedom. However, we have to accept that this company still has a lot of strict rules required their artist to follow and observe seriously.