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Paulo Dybala – the treasure of Juventus (Part 3)

Part 3: Pressure and explosion

At the age of 26, Dybala was faced with being sold. In the summer, La Joya was assigned to Inter, Tottenham to United. Dybala was once close to MU, but it was he who broke the deal with a call to confirm that he “just wants to stay at Juventus”.

Dybala’s consistency was reversed with explosive form. He played better and more and gradually won the trust of coach Maurizio Sarri and completely removed the pale image of a year earlier.

Paulo Dybala - kho bau cua Juventus hinh anh 1 palermo.jpg

Dybala now has 13 goals and 12 assists after 34 games for Juve this season. In particular, La Joya’s 2-0 goal against Inter Milan showed all the skills of No. 10.

He controlled the long pass from the back of the court neatly and just enough to pass Ashley Young before dragging the ball into the restricted area with Aaron Ramsey. In the decisive situation, Dybala defeated Young again with a cross on the cheek in his left foot before suddenly striking the outer cheek into the far corner.

The revival of Dybala’s form turned him back into a hot commodity on the transfer market. He is now the most valued player in Serie A, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Dybala’s fighting spirit can be the basis for the fans to believe in the Argentinian striker’s victory over the corona virus. He and his girlfriend were tested positive on March 21 (local time).

At the moment Dybala is a process of isolation and treatment of diseases. With the strength of a son who has to carry the family from a very young age and a player who has always had to successfully reject the prejudices, it is possible that Dybala is not too afraid of this disease and ready to prepare for the day.

Paulo Dybala – the treasure of Juventus (Part 2)

Dybala’s father, Adolfo, was the one who lit the dream of the Argentine striker. When Dybala was a child, Mr. Adolfo took his son every day for 65 km to the training ground. His lifelong dream was to see his son become a professional footballer.

Everything can never come true. In 2006, when Dybala was only 13 years old, Adolfo suffered from pancreatic cancer. He hid it so Dybala would not have to worry and put all his money on his son’s dream of soccer.

When Adolfo died, Dybala was just a player at the academy and had to take care of all the family life. Dybala’s teammates at the Instituto Club called him the nickname “El Pibe De La Penssion”, meaning the young man who had not worked yet had to take care of his pension book.

Facing pressure and successfully handling is what Dybala has always done in not only his career but also his life. During his time at Juve, Dybala was worried that he didn’t have enough experience to play for the strongest team in Italy.

Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini even shouted “They are killing him” in Italian media when he saw Dybala be swallowed up in his early days at Juve.

But Dybala always knew how to return. He finished his first season at Juve with a Serie A title and 23 goals in all competitions, the best of the team.

With Dybala, Juve even advanced to the 2017 Champions League final. The Argentine striker contributed a great deal when he scored a brace to help Juve crush Barca full Messi – Neymar – Suarez 3-0 right on Italy.

When Paul Pogba left Juve in the summer of 2017, the responsibility for Dybala was even heavier when he was handed the legendary number 10 shirt. Alessandro Del Piero, Omar Sivori, Michel Platini or Roberto Baggio are the outstanding figures who have lit up the school with a black and white number 10 shirt on the back.

The more he was pressured, the more Dybala shone. He scored 26 goals that season and made every Juve-voiced character happy, from Del Piero, Fabio Capello to Pavel Nedved.

However, the biggest challenge for Dybala until Cristiano Ronaldo appeared at Juventus. He was sold for an informal way but was determined to stay. As a result, Dybala played his worst season. He had 10 goals throughout the season, directly raising doubts about being left out when Juve had a comprehensive CR7 both on and off the pitch.

Paulo Dybala – the treasure of Juventus (Part 1)

Dybala’s fighting spirit may be the basis for the public to believe in winning against the disease.

Paulo Dybala’s journey to the top football can be completely made into a hit movie script. It is no coincidence that he is nicknamed La Joya (or jewel) and it is not surprising that Dybala is one of the best players in the world at this time, despite the pressures that always appear and pour down the bridge.

Italians are famous for having dinner before discussing business. The stomach must be full for new things to go smoothly. When Serie A dominated European football in the 80-90s of the last century, hundreds of missions began on such a dining table.

When the delegation of the Palermo Club went to Argentina to see the roll of Franco Vazquez (then playing for Belgrano) in 2011, such a meal was held.

Signature from the table

At the restaurant, where dinner was held between Palermo Sport Director Luca Cattani and Belgrano’s representative also happened to have the appearance of Instituto President Juan Carlos Barrea.

Invited to dinner, Barrea said: “I have a better player than Vazquez.” The name Paulo Dybala appears from here. Swallowing every word Barrea said, Cattani was completely convinced that Palermo had to get the striker then only 19 years old.

The Director of Palermo quickly returned to Italy with the desire to persuade Zamparini to spend money to buy Dybala. Finally, with a lot of difficulties, Palermo also has La Joya with a transfer fee of up to 15.6 million euros, the highest in club history.

Forged in an adequate environment, Dybala exploded in his third season with Palermo. He scored 13 goals, with 10 assists for the Sicilian island team in Serie A. A series of big teams follow the movements of La Joya.

In the end, Juve was the winner with a transfer fee of 32 million euros and an additional 8 million euros. The summer of Dybala arrived at the Allianz Stadium is also when Juve parted with a series of great works such as Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, Carlos Tevez.

Dybala at the age of 22 did not hesitate to choose the number 21 shirt that Pirlo left behind. Zinedine Zidane previously chose this number in his golden years with Juve. The pressure is enormous, but Dybala understands that he will defeat them all.