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Big Bang member spoke after accusing sex workers

Seungri, the fifth member of the Korean boy band Big Bang, on February 27, spoke after a series of accusations of prostitution to giants.

Through his agency, YG Entertainment, the top 3 Korean entertainment company, Seungri expressed his desire to work with authorities to quickly resolve the allegations of prostitution. Before a series of negative information spread over the past time, Seungri sincerely apologized to everyone who loved because of making people nervous.

YG Entertainment took the same stance as Seungri and the company’s legal team that will soon contact the investigating agency to thoroughly investigate each allegation. If the allegations are not true, YG Entertainment will take legal action against those who make fake news that affect the image, reputation and finance of the company.


Before that, on February 26, SBS funE element Seungri led prostitutes to customers in many clubs in Gangnam. These people are giants and are able to invest in his business projects. They gave evidence of information from Seungri’s conversation with Yuri Holdings’ CEO and Yoo. YG Entertainment immediately rejected the allegations, claiming that the information was fake. Police have investigated these allegations.

Also on February 26, Big Bang leader G-Dragon was also accused of using too many days off, watching military service like going out. Shortly afterwards, the unit where G-Dragon was enlisted voiced a rebuttal, claiming that the singer-songwriter complied with the regulations, there was no exception to the leave.


Continual charges target YG Entertainment’s most popular group members, causing company stock to continuously fall on February 26. Accordingly, each share decreased by 2,350 won to 45,150 won (down nearly 5%).

Currently, Seungri is the last member of Big Bang to prepare for military service. The other 4 members are in the army carrying out their duties according to Korean law. As the youngest of the group, Seungri is a gifted entrepreneur. Besides music and film activities, he is also the executive director of a series of branch ramen stores around the world, managing a wide range of bars. Seungri is also the DJ who owns the company that specializes in this field as well as has a stake in many health, technology and business companies, training academies of young artists …

From the scandal of Jung Joon Young: Is it true or false when the phone repairer publicly declared perverted messages?

Seungri’s (Big Bang) prostitution scandal and the perverted message in the group chat with friends and singer Jung Joon Jung are increasingly revealing more shocking details, lifting the veil of mystery about the face. Darkness of the Korean entertainment industry.

Accordingly, Jung Joon Young got his first scandal in 2016 when his ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit, accusing the singer of sneaking back to the intimate scene of the two with a hidden camera. At that time, Jung Joon Young firmly denied, arguing that this was a consensus from both sides. The settling down is not long, now the singer continues to struggle because he was exposed to his debauchery chat and the group of friends talk about how these people often sneak back sex scenes with the girls and share in group chat. However, a member of the group broke the phone, took it away and all the sensitive information was announced by the phone repairman to the media.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sửa điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 2.

In the midst of criticism of public opinion for Jung Joon Young and Seungri, many netizens began to speak out and had mixed opinions about whether the phone repairer’s action was right or wrong to watch and work. Declare private information in customers’ devices.

In the past, there were many cases of big stars in the world entangled in serious scandals, even destroying their careers just because they brought their laptops and cell phones to repair. Whether the publicity of the debauchery information in Seungri’s group chat and Jung Joon Young is for righteous reasons, to deny the true evil or simply violate the personal privacy of others, regardless of whether who they are.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sá»­a điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 1.

Perverted, sensitive messages in Jung Joon Young’s chat group and others make the public angry on a Kimchi forum, netizens are constantly discussing and giving opinions. personal about things. Some people believe that this is not infringement at all, because the people in the group chat were considered to have acted as “sex offenders”.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sá»­a điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 1.

Besides, there are other opinions that still can’t be just because the person brought the truth about Seungri and Jung Joon Young to the light that he can forget that he secretly watched private messages in customer phones.