Rumors About The New Girlgroup Of SM Entertaiment Controversy

Recently, the music bands of the 4th generation move to greet the yard Kpop is getting more attention from the public, including new girlgroup of SM Entertainment. The outstanding success from SNSD or the achievements of Red Velvet make fan not stop curious about this group consort self-distribution.

Recently, the kingpin’s next girlgroup Kpop has bombshell when there are rumors that the vocalist of the idol is also the summit than Taeyeon (SNSD) and Wendy (Red Velvet). Specifically, two members of the group are known as the rookie NingNing (from China) and Koeun (from Korea).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Koeun

Koeun is trained in eight years and there are rumors she has to lose interest, losing debut along Red Velvet in the hands of Yeri. Meanwhile, NingNing – a young trainee was born in 2002 only just joined SM in 2016.

Can see two female interns are owned sweet voice but still quite immature. Though not yet know about the real capacity of Koeun and NingNing when debut will happen but netizen immediately had the threaded comments. A division that SM is too PR momentum and did not believe the two woman recruits might Taeyeon’s vocals are definitive food and Wendy:

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– “I’ve heard both sang and they even do not equal to the level of Wendy and Taeyeon. SM is used PR too far for the rookie then. If they cool, they will be released only”.

– “It is better to Wendy and Taeyeon, can I believe it?”

– “Trust or not, this is the good voice but why SM selected Yeri… Better than Taeyeon…. when she launched?? Or now ?? Hmmm, they exaggerated it! but still expect and hope there will be new power vocals!”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wendy (Red Velvet

Besides, it was suggested that the two singing Taeyeon and Wendy did not stand that they just are PR, praised excessively:

– “In the SM, Lina and Luna (f (x)) and Wendy, Taeyeon sang better, but they were underestimated while Taeyeon always be appreciated is No.1. Taeyeon vocals just a boring color bored. Even Wendy still do better”.

– “They can be better than that! Wendy where there is so great.”

– “I do not understand why some people think Taeyeon’s singing peaks when she only boring color as the others!”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taeyeon

Undeniably far, the idol group SM always possess crisis vocal and the fans recognized, but the rookie could surpass predecessors or not, will have to wait until they launch new evaluation is warranted.

Managing Company Informed About The Future Of Want One: Break Done But Still Have Schedule

The managing company of Wanna One has just launched the official announcement of the final activity of the Korean music band.

In recent time, there have been many rumors about the contract of Wanna One will be renewed for a time instead of terminating on December 31st. These rumors made fans of this Korean music band happy and sad confusion. Come on December 18, the managing company of Wanna One is Swing Entertainment has launched the official announcement about this matter.

Công ty chủ quản thông báo về tương lai của Wanna One: Tan rã xong vẫn có lịch trình - Ảnh 1.

Other than the rumors before, Wanna One will not renew the contract but they will still have the schedule after the breakup.

According to this, in the official statement has just been launched, Swing Entertainment confirmed the contract of Wanna One will be terminated on December 31st. However, the company has added that they would still continue to manage the team for the duration of promotion rest until the final concert took place on January the following year.

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The official announcement of Swing Entertainment as follows:

“Hello, this is the Swing Entertainment. We would like to announce that 31/12/2018 is the date on which the contract of Want One expires.However, after the end of the contract, we will still manage the team until the last concert took place on January the following year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swing Entertainment

We would like to thanks 11 members of Wanna One was for people to see the best aspects of them in times past from 8/2017. All the employees of the company will work hard along Wanna One throughout time left and we will always support the members on the way forward.

We also sincerely thanks to the fans in and outside the country have loved Wanna One. I hope that you still will cheer and sends his greetings to all members of the group when they finish the final promotion schedule and begin a new journey”.

Revenue Sharing Ratio Between Korean Artists and Management Company

On Pann forum has just appeared a table showing the divided sales of K-pop artists and management companies. In every activity, remuneration has always been divided by the percent have discussed before in the contract.

Revenue from the sale of albums, participating TV shows, events, abroad promotion are different conjugations. Each company has its own dividing income.

1. SM Entertainment (nghệ sĩ EXO, Suju, SNSD, DBSK, F(x)…)

– Contract duration: 7 years

– Sales album fixed part: The company (95%), Artist (5%)

– Sales album fixed part after being refreshed: The Company (90%), Artists (10%)

– Events: The Company (60%), Artist (40%)

– Abroad promotion: The Company (30%), Artist (70%)

Notes: Profits are still divided even without reaching break-even point.


This information led many netizens criticize that SM exploits their idols, makes up 95% of the sales from the album. Stars of SM has been famous for selling disks, always leading in the list of entire Kpop disks sales. The company takes almost the full amount, which is not fair, causing damage to the effort of the idol. This is also the reason why many EXO, DBSK sued the company, claiming left the group.


However, there are also many fans against that the stars of SM make money primarily thanks to the international tours, where they receive up to 70% of the revenue, the highest in the companies. International concert performances always attract a larger number of fan, the ticket price is more expensive, more locations in South Korea. In fact, stars of SM though not floating as before still earn money thanks to going international tour.

2. YG Entertainment (Big Bang, 2NE1, iKON, WINNER…)

– Contract duration: 5 years

– Sales album fixed part: The company (50%), Artist (50%)

– Sales album fixed part after being refreshed: The Company (30%), Artists (70%)

– Events: The Company (40%), Artist (60%)

– Abroad promotion: The Company (50%), Artist (50%)

Notes: Profits are still divided even without reaching break-even point.


Dividing remuneration of YG get the rain of compliments from South Korean netizens. They are very fair of sharing in all activities. Artists of the YG are famous due to the giant fortune like G-Dragon, T.O.P. Recruits in the company are also be interested in, earn money from early.

3. JYP Entertainment (Miss A, 2PM, Twice, Wonder Girls…)

– Contract duration: 7 years

– Sales album fixed part: The company (50%), Artist (50%)

– Sales album fixed part after being refreshed: The Company (50%), Artists (50%)

– Events: The Company (60%), Artist (40%)

– Abroad promotion: The Company (50%), Artist (50%)

Notes: Profits are still divided even without reaching break-even point.


The level of profits of JYP also received many compliments about the fairness. The way to devide is 50:50. Although JYP has no profits as high as 2 other companies that are SM and YG, but fans always believe that the artists aren’t exploited and receive remuneration right to all their hard work.

4. FNC Entertainment (CN BLUE, AOA, FT Island…)

– Contract duration: 7 years

– Sales album fixed part: The company (70%), Artist (30%)

– Sales album fixed part after being refreshed: The Company (50%), Artists (50%)

– Events: The Company (60%), Artist (40%)

– Abroad promotion: The Company (50%), Artist (50%)

Notes: Profits are still divided even without reaching break-even point.


The stars in the FNC have difficulties at first because they need to earn enough money for company training break-even shall be divided into income. AOA, Juniel thus whined because no money was divided at the time they begin to debut.

The Rules Of YG With Black Pink And iKON

Has always been known as one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea, however YG entertainment has some rules with their “chickens house” made fans angry.

Kpop has always been seen by spectators as beautiful dressed bands and shine on stage. However, behind them are the strict regulations required artists to adhere and follow them, so as to limit the unnecessary scandal.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho yg entertainment

Black Pink With “7 No” Regulation

Black Pink is a girl music band which has subverted Korean music scene since their debut. On June 29, YG entertainment announced the official lineup of Black Pink. With the rigorous training process and the remarkable achievements since appeared, the girl band was expected to usurp the rank of the “National Music Band” of SNSD.

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In the Party People program, Black Pink has revealed 7 bans were considered quite harsh: no dating, no drinking, no smoking, no surgery, not go clubbing, no tattoos and no driving.

These prohibitions are considered to be not difficult to understand for an idol music band to ensure the most beautiful image in the public eye of the band. Though the company has strict regulations, but YG president can also change one of the provisions when the group be more successful in their career.

iKON With The Rule… “Forbidden” To Meet Junior Black Pink

In addition, on February 2nd, Bobby of iKON band also shared about the prohibition of dating to the music band’s members. No matter where they are, they are required to inform the company beforehand.

What is more surprising is iKON shared that they will be reprimanded if meeting the girl music band in the same company is Black Pink. That means that until now, iKON might still has not seen this girl band in the same company with them. Many people believe that the company YG is a very nice, fun and freedom. However, we have to accept that this company still has a lot of strict rules required their artist to follow and observe seriously.

How Many Years After Working Kpop Idols Will Be Allowed To Comfortable Dating By The Company Management?

Each management company will have different ways to manage love story of idol, but the simplest measure is still prohibited dating in a specified period.

The dating for the idol is one thing extremely risky and dangerous. If dating, they will lose a sizable fan base, even be in danger of affecting the industry as the case of Hyuna and E’Dawn recently. Soon clearly know this, many management companies have formed the rules prohibits idol dating for several years after their debut, so they don’t neglect their career.

JYP – 3 years

To let their artists focus on career, JYP would ban dating within the first 3 years. For example, as the early dating story of Suzy and Lee Min Ho, not only not be denied but also on the contrary the couple were supported by JYP very much. However, there were a few cases not as expected as the story of Mina (Twice) and Bam Bam (GOT7), when both were involved in a suspicious of dating before the time runs out “banning” But in general is the idol of the JYP love very quietly and rarely meet the scandal about dating.

YG – 5 years

YG gave the order to ban for loving in the first 5 years with their idols. The male and female idols were arranged different lunch time to avoid meeting. Changhyuk (AKMU) shared that: “Yang Hyunsuk CEO just allowed me to date, because it helps me write the lyrics. However, the chairman did not allow Suhyun to do it, because she’s too young “.

As for BLACKPINK, father Yang also especially instructed the girls should stay away from men to focus for the industry. BLACKPINK also says: “Nothing is changed in the prohibition of dating of the company’s contracts. We sing “As if it’s Your Last” and think about our fans – those we love most”.

Pledis Entertainment – Over 3 years

The artists of Pledis are no exception, the girls in the Pristin band tell that they are banned for dating from 3 years minimum. For some profit-making music bands, this time will extend to about 4-5 years. That’s the reason why Pledis Entertainment’s artists almost never involved in any scandal of dating.

SM – Not prohibited

Although SM very harshes in training and management issues but quite easily in the dating of their “chickens”. Most of the idols could date if they want to. SM also encouraged house’s chicken dating to the same people in the company. In part by meeting easily, difficult to detect, in part to easily handle every scandal breaking out. However, though dating outside or within the company with the tight schedule even not enough time to sleep, then will the idols of SM are healthy enough and time to date?

Big Hit – Not prohibited

PD Bang Si Hyuk is different, the CEO of Big Hit allows BTS to date and does not prohibit the love stories of BTS’s members from the original. “Kingpin” of the Big Hit is extremely confident to BTS, the evidence is that without any rules or bans, the members still manage themselves so well to fulfill their dreams. Despite being debut almost 5 years but look, their boys still have a pleasing with fan and don’t set a date with anyone.

Compared with the old days, the “Mr. Big” now has more comfortable in managing the personal lives of the idols. Even dating, just need the idols of them don’t affect the schedule and work. Hope in the future, our idols will receive more sympathy from fans to ease the pressure between private life and work.

Creative Artists Agency

Founded in 1975 the CAA or Creative Artist Agency is a sports and American talent agency based in California, regarded as an influential and dominant company, managing several of the most prestigious clients. Due to its huge success rate and constant growth the agency had well over 1,800 employees by March 2016. The managing partners include Kevin Huvane, Steve Lafferty, Rob Light, Michael Rubel, Bryan Lourd and Richard Lovett as the President.

Primary Focus of the Creative Artist Agency

The prime focus of the CAA is putting together talent and content in new ways to create new entertainment opportunities. In a sense, the agency serves as a broker of opportunities. With many agents and clients, a percentage-based fee is a charge on the monies earned by the client, at currently the fee of the CAA is in the region of 10% of what the client earns. Most of the contracts are made between directors, actors, and writers with most talent agencies.

CAA Grows via Acquisitions

As with any talent agency, CAA grows by making successful acquisitions, and in the case of the CAA, this growth took place almost organically by gathering top clients. A clever move was when the company decided to divide its agents into two sections, the one managing careers of 1,000 stars, the other specialising in advertising, consulting, digital marketing and investment banking.

A-List Actors the CAA Represents

The long list of A-list clients of the CAA includes George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Toni Braxton, Michael Douglas and numerous other top artists and performers. The long list of sports clients includes David Beckham and Derek Jeter, while corporate clients include Mattel and Coca-Cola.

CAA World Class Opportunities

Since the start of the CAA in 1975, the company remained focus on delivering their promise that every single client would be represented by the entire agency. Currently, the CAA represents thousands of the world’s top producers, athletes, comedians, coaches, authors, musical artists, directors, producers, consumer brands and chefs. In offering an outstanding service, the CAA remains the most vibrant, strongest and most innovative service available in the entertainment world.

Its global network is well over 2,000 employees strong, strategically placed across Asia, Europe, American and beyond. CAA offices are currently based in Los Angeles, New York, London, Nashville, Shanghai, Beijing, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Stockholm, Jacksonville, Geneva and Munich.

What the CAA Believes In

The CAA believes in the power of storytellers and the lasting and positive impact it has socially, the company sees it as its responsibility to improve the world around it by ensuring every voice will be heard. With over 20 years of contributing its time, expertise, and funds, it continues to focus on successful partnerships and offering each of its clients the best representation available in both the professional and entertainment worlds.