Man City has a better defender than Van Dijk, Real is difficult to go upstream of the Cup (Part 1)

Man City are not only leading Real Madrid 2-1 and have the advantage of an away goal, but they also have a very good defensive record recently.

The Champions League is about to return and one of the most notable matches is the return leg of the eighth round between Man City and Real Madrid, Real despite winning La Liga, but they will enter the match at a disadvantage, being 1-2 after the first leg at home.

The match will see a top-notch match between two top coaches, Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane. They have all proved their formidable strategic thinking, Pep continues to make City the best goal in Europe while Zidane’s Real wins the championship with the least conceding defense in La Liga.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 1

Two opposing aspects will make an interesting match, but with this match alone the disadvantage is favoring Real. They rely on defense to win the domestic championship, but their attack is not really a “monster” in Europe while City can play counter-attack and the space that Real’s defense will leave will be them. make the most of it to score more goals.

Real must score at least 2 goals and concede no more than 1 goal to have the opportunity to continue. This will be a difficult battle for Zidane and his students, because although Karim Benzema is in high form and beside him, Real also has many players who can score at any time, they no longer meet a Man City of old times.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 2

Man City advanced deepest in the Champions League season 2015/16 when they reached the semi-finals and lost only 1 goal to Real Madrid, but that was when Manuel Pellegrini was in the lead. Under Guardiola, “The Citizens” did not progress past the quarter-finals and it was judged that they did not have the bravery and level necessary to win European Cup matches.

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