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Big Bang member spoke after accusing sex workers

Seungri, the fifth member of the Korean boy band Big Bang, on February 27, spoke after a series of accusations of prostitution to giants.

Through his agency, YG Entertainment, the top 3 Korean entertainment company, Seungri expressed his desire to work with authorities to quickly resolve the allegations of prostitution. Before a series of negative information spread over the past time, Seungri sincerely apologized to everyone who loved because of making people nervous.

YG Entertainment took the same stance as Seungri and the company’s legal team that will soon contact the investigating agency to thoroughly investigate each allegation. If the allegations are not true, YG Entertainment will take legal action against those who make fake news that affect the image, reputation and finance of the company.


Before that, on February 26, SBS funE element Seungri led prostitutes to customers in many clubs in Gangnam. These people are giants and are able to invest in his business projects. They gave evidence of information from Seungri’s conversation with Yuri Holdings’ CEO and Yoo. YG Entertainment immediately rejected the allegations, claiming that the information was fake. Police have investigated these allegations.

Also on February 26, Big Bang leader G-Dragon was also accused of using too many days off, watching military service like going out. Shortly afterwards, the unit where G-Dragon was enlisted voiced a rebuttal, claiming that the singer-songwriter complied with the regulations, there was no exception to the leave.


Continual charges target YG Entertainment’s most popular group members, causing company stock to continuously fall on February 26. Accordingly, each share decreased by 2,350 won to 45,150 won (down nearly 5%).

Currently, Seungri is the last member of Big Bang to prepare for military service. The other 4 members are in the army carrying out their duties according to Korean law. As the youngest of the group, Seungri is a gifted entrepreneur. Besides music and film activities, he is also the executive director of a series of branch ramen stores around the world, managing a wide range of bars. Seungri is also the DJ who owns the company that specializes in this field as well as has a stake in many health, technology and business companies, training academies of young artists …

From the scandal of Jung Joon Young: Is it true or false when the phone repairer publicly declared perverted messages?

Seungri’s (Big Bang) prostitution scandal and the perverted message in the group chat with friends and singer Jung Joon Jung are increasingly revealing more shocking details, lifting the veil of mystery about the face. Darkness of the Korean entertainment industry.

Accordingly, Jung Joon Young got his first scandal in 2016 when his ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit, accusing the singer of sneaking back to the intimate scene of the two with a hidden camera. At that time, Jung Joon Young firmly denied, arguing that this was a consensus from both sides. The settling down is not long, now the singer continues to struggle because he was exposed to his debauchery chat and the group of friends talk about how these people often sneak back sex scenes with the girls and share in group chat. However, a member of the group broke the phone, took it away and all the sensitive information was announced by the phone repairman to the media.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sửa điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 2.

In the midst of criticism of public opinion for Jung Joon Young and Seungri, many netizens began to speak out and had mixed opinions about whether the phone repairer’s action was right or wrong to watch and work. Declare private information in customers’ devices.

In the past, there were many cases of big stars in the world entangled in serious scandals, even destroying their careers just because they brought their laptops and cell phones to repair. Whether the publicity of the debauchery information in Seungri’s group chat and Jung Joon Young is for righteous reasons, to deny the true evil or simply violate the personal privacy of others, regardless of whether who they are.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sá»­a điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 1.

Perverted, sensitive messages in Jung Joon Young’s chat group and others make the public angry on a Kimchi forum, netizens are constantly discussing and giving opinions. personal about things. Some people believe that this is not infringement at all, because the people in the group chat were considered to have acted as “sex offenders”.

Từ scandal của Jung Joon Young: Đúng hay sai khi người sá»­a điện thoại công khai những tin nhắn truỵ lạc? - Ảnh 1.

Besides, there are other opinions that still can’t be just because the person brought the truth about Seungri and Jung Joon Young to the light that he can forget that he secretly watched private messages in customer phones.

Korean beauties husband is a powerful character of sex chatting group

The “CEO Yoo” mentioned by the singers in the message series is Yoo In Suk – CEO of Yoori Holdings – husband of Park Han Byul.

News reports of SBS on the evening of March 15 reported that Yoo In Suk is the “last boss”, the “most powerful character” of the depraved chat group that is shocking Korea. Choi Jong Hoon and other members call Yoo In Suk “CEO Yoo”. Yoo headed Yuri Holdings (the parent company of bar Burning sun), regarding the serious scandal of singer Seungri during the past two months. This person was accused of helping Seungri call a prostitute to foreign guests. He is also accused of tax evasion, drug supply and taking advantage of relations with the police to help singer Choi Jong Hoon get rid of driving mistakes when drunk.

According to SBS, Yoo directs his co-workers on how to “prepare girls” for Christmas 2015. Yoo said in a message: “Our group will make the movie The Great Gatsby. You know which girl you are Call all here today. Let other clubs no longer have you”.

Seungri và CEO Yoo In Suk.

To date, MBN has published a list of these eight sex chat groups, including: Seungri (former Big Bang member), Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon (former FT Island leader), Yoo In Suk (CEO Yuri Holdings) Also, Mr. Kim (former CEO of Burning sun bar), Kwon Hyuk Jun (SNSD singer Yuri’s older brother), B (YG Entertainment’s former anonymous employee) and C (you are outside the entertainment industry Jung Joon Young, who participated in a travel program with him).

According to MBN, Lee Jong Hyun did not join a sex chat group like SBS reported yesterday, but exchanged private sex messages with Jung Joon Young. The FNC management company said Lee Jong Hyun had participated but left the group a few years ago. Similarly, singer Yong Jun Hyung (Highlight group) also received and watched sex videos from close friend Jung Joon Young.

Yoo CEO is the actor Park Han Byul. In November 2017, on the personal page, beauties surprised fans when they announced that they were married and pregnant in the fourth month. Before that, she hid information and pictures of her husband, only said he was a financial consultant, living in the rich Samseong-dong area (Seoul, Korea). Only when Seungri’s scandal broke out, did the public know the identity of Han Byul’s husband. Because of her husband’s scandal, the actress and her acting movie were boycotted. On the forums, many people asked Park Han Byul to withdraw from the movie and divorce Yoo.

Park Han Byul bị dư luận ném đá vì bê bối của chồng.

The scandal related to Seungri, Jung Joon Young was complicatedly evaluated by Korean media, more and more new. Simin Iblo confirmed that there will be many idol singers coming up, this line-linked actor is exposed when receiving and watching videos from Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Joon Young.

The 5 best young players training agency in the world

When pursuing the career of “digital shorts”, the players must always take the first steps at the youth training institutes.

If you join the prestigious institutions below, even if you are not promoted to the first team, they are more likely to still have the opportunity to develop their careers at other terminals.

1. Barcelona (Spain)

La Masia’s renowned training furnace was founded in 1979, after Johan Cruyff expressed his desire to help Barca replicate Ajax’s young player training technology. Undoubtedly, La Masia oven with excellent products such as Carles Puyol, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez or Gerrard Pique is an important factor to help Barca achieve numerous successes.

2. Ajax (Netherlands)

Ajax’s training furnace started its operation on March 18, 1900. This is where the total play on the famous 4-3-3 tactical scheme under coach Rinus Michels is produced. In addition to providing a large number of quality products for Dutch national team such as Johan Cruyff, Frank De Boer, Marco Van Basten, Edwin van der Sar, Patrick Cluivert, Edgar David, Clarence Seedorf, Ajax furnace also helped a lot of Young talents from all over the world have the opportunity to conquer the heights.

3. Sporting Lisbon (Portugal)

The world’s top stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Nani, Ricardo Quaresma or Joao Moutinho have one thing in common: they all came from Sporting Lisbon’s academy. The fact that the above players together took up 39 big and small titles has seen how well Sporting Lisbon owns a “cool-hands” training facility.

4. Manchester United (England)

Like the first team, the young U, like the U16 or the U18 of the M.U, are also very successful thanks to the special quality players. At one time, MU’s training academy had produced a whole generation of talents, such as the Busby Babes (the 50s of the last century) or 1992 with outstanding figures like David Beckham or Paul Scholes.

5. Santos (Brazil)

Pele, Neymar or Robinho players all have time to study at Santos’s youth academy. The success of the aforementioned stars proves that Santos is good at discovering potential young talents and turning them into precious gems.

In Addition To CL And Lee Hi, YG And These Two Jewels Were Hidden In The Box For 2 Years

When it comes to YG’s freezing singers, CL and Lee Hi are always the first two names to appear. However, these two YG artists also suffered similar scenes.

Suhyun (Akdong Musician)

Suhyun and his brother Chanhyuk have won the Kpop star champion season 2, after which the two brothers decided to choose YG as their career development. In 2014, Akdong Musician (AKMU) officially launched with their debut album “Play”. Maintaining the unique style of music and new music created by Chanhyuk himself, AKMU quickly established many remarkable achievements and became a unique color unmistakably in the KPOP market.

Ngoài CL và Lee Hi, YG còn hai châu báu này bị giấu trong hộp suốt 2 năm trời - Ảnh 1.

However, after releasing a mini album “Episode Summer” on July 20, 2017, YG suddenly announced Chanhyuk will enlist on September 18, 2017. This also means that AKMU will have to halt music activities for 2 years until Chanhyuk finishes his military service. This is are greatful decision for AKMU fans because it was the time when the two brothers were reaping a lot of musical achievements that Chanhyuk’s age was only 22. However, after the enlistment information being informed, Chanhyuk quickly comforted the fans when he shared that he composed many songs to make his comeback sister Suhyun during his military service, which made the fans somewhat reassured.

Ngoài CL và Lee Hi, YG còn hai châu báu này bị giấu trong hộp suốt 2 năm trời - Ảnh 2.

But up to the present time, YG seems to have no move about Suhyun’s solo when only less than 3 months left, Chanhuyk will be demobilized. Suhyun’s case made the fans angry even more because Suhyun was prepared to have solo songs for her by his brother, but up to 2 years ago, Suhyun’s music activities are still “quiet”. And the upcoming plan YG just announced on instagram not mentioning Suhyun either. With the current situation many fans think that maybe Suhyun has to wait for his brother to leave the military, AKMU will have a chance to make a comeback.


Before coming to YG, ONE was known to the public asa member of 1PUNCH duo with Samuel. After that, he continued to impress the audience because of his extremely handsome appearance and outstanding rap talent at “Show Me The Money”.

After starting his military career with YG, on 11 July 2017, ONE officially debuted as YG’s 2nd solo male artist after Se7en’s debut 16 years ago with 2 songs “Gettin’ by” and “heyahe”. Along with good looks and attractive rapping voice of YG male rapper, 2 songs quickly received positive feedback and topped the iTunes rankings of more than 20 countries.

Ngoài CL và Lee Hi, YG còn hai châu báu này bị giấu trong hộp suốt 2 năm trời - Ảnh 4.

In the face of these achievements, YG expressed their enthusiasm for ONE when declaring: “ONE’s debut screen received very positive results. Therefore, we will continuously release ONE songs that are bright. Working from now until the end of the year” makes ONE fans happy to see the idol more often.

But the reality is quite the opposite, which continues to be the empty words of YG president until now ONE is completely”lost” in the music field after the debut product but instead is a series of movie plans. This makes many Kpop fans forget that ONE is a rapper and not an actor. Having participated in “Show Me The Money” for two consecutive seasons has shown ONE’s passion for rap, and it is certain that he himself did not think that he was going to perform even more music products after leading into YG.

Ngoài CL và Lee Hi, YG còn hai châu báu này bị giấu trong hộp suốt 2 năm trời - Ảnh 7.

Current fans are very worried about the future of idols when similar to Suhyun, CL, and Lee Hi. ONE is also not mentioned in YG’s music plan.

The Liverpool Director Said That Football Will Be Forgot Due To The Time For Playing Game

The director of the football club fears that football will no longer be a top concern for young people,especially with the explosion of Esports over time.

For years, football has been a spiritual food associated with every breath and the rhythm of the majority of people on this planet. When the ball rolled, all hearts beat in the same rhythm, no longer the distinction of race, geography, age, rich and poor… all of them blended into the passionate atmosphere of the ball.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho giám đốc Liverpool cho rằng giới trẻ sẽ quên bóng đá vì dành thời gian chơi game

However, in a recent interview with Liverpool’s Arabian Business, Liverpool CEO Peter Moore expressed a deep concern about the young people being attracted to different games without being too earnest. With football: “Only 24 hours a day, if young people keep on playing games like Fortnite, they have no other working time, let alone care about the games. This great, taking 90 minutes to go to the stadium to watch football is too luxurious for young people”.


“In order not to lose this large audience, not only Liverpool but also other clubs should invest more in technology, focusing on building images on social network. We are forced to produce eye-catching content. Shortening the length of the video to 60 to 90 seconds”, the director added.

“Currently Liverpool is working on building a strategy with IBM. We will improve websites and application systems on the phone. Only that way, new football returns to the spiritual food attracted to youth”.

Với đà phát triển của Esports, liệu chăng số lượng người tới sân xem bóng sẽ sụt giảm?

Fortnite is a game of Battle Royale genre which is attracting great popularity worldwide. Even the famous player team playing in the Premier League including Mesut Ozil or Dele Alli is no exception to the temptation created by this game. Also another soccer super star who holds the title of the world’s most expensive player – Neymar Jr. is also a hard fan of CS:GO. After hours of intense and exhausting training with the ball, he often asked his teammates to solve it with this popular shooting game.

The Rumors That Taeyeon Will Soon Leave SM Due To Be Neglected By The Company

The rumor of SNSD leader leaving SM is becoming a topic that has been widely discussed on social networks in the past.

Recently, SNSD’s fan community has spread an unhappy rumor. It is the leader of SNSD’s national group – Taeyeon will soon leave her current agency, SM Entertainment, to find a new “house” that is suitable for her future career development orientation.

This rumor is not really unfounded. SONE (SNSD fan name) has found a lot of evidence that SM is neglecting Taeyeon and she is no longer interested in this Korean entertainment company.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rộ tin đồn Taeyeon sẽ sớm rời SM do bị công ty bỏ bê, dân mạng phản ứng thế nào?

Specifically, the re-release schedule of leader SNSD was originally planned in 2018 but until now there was no news about it. Besides, the last 2 concerts in her latest tour took place in the Philippines and Singapore is said to have only Taeyeon and management organization without SM’s participation. Even four new songs that Taeyeon performed in this concert were female singers recording themselves, not in SM’s studio, so she had the right to sing.

In the re-export calendar for the last 5 months of 2018 by SM, only NCT ​​China and Taeyeon were not done but the new NCT small group WayV was launched in early 2019.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Rộ tin đồn Taeyeon sẽ sớm rời SM do bị công ty bỏ bê, dân mạng phản ứng thế nào?

In addition, there are rumors that Taeyeon is in the process of searching for new companies and creative teams to complete unfinished stages during the production of her solo album. Currently, these rumors are a topic that has been widely discussed on social networks because Taeyeon is a famous artist and is very popular with her outstanding voice. However, there is still no certainty about this information, so it is not possible to make an early conclusion.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Regarding these rumors, netizens as well as SNSD fans are quite supportive of Taeyeon leaving SM. There are many reasons for them to agree with this, which is the company’s neglect for her, SM’s music has too much art to make the public less absorbing.

Netizen Sighed Instead Of BTS About An EXO’s Story

Korea Netizen continued to have different opinions before EXO was ranked last by the stations instead of BTS.

After the music stages last year of three major TV stations, SBS, KBS and MBC, controversy broke out between the ARMY (fan BTS) and EXO-L fandom (EXO fans) because of the acting order of the two this group. One side said that 2018 was a booming year for BTS while EXO was quite fuzzy and didn’t achieve any outstanding performance so the last place should be BTS instead of EXO. Others said that EXO still maintained the level of one of their leading 3rd generation music groups, so the last place was absolutely worth it.

Vẫn là câu chuyện EXO diễn cuối, netizen thở dài thay BTS: Công ty nhỏ thì chịu thôi! - Ảnh 1.

Two weeks have passed since these music festivals took place, netizens on Korean websites continue to flip this issue and offer more multidimensional views on the power of entertainment companies. with idol groups.

On the Nate portal, this topic attracted many comments, including comments that attracted more than 3 thousand votes agreeing:

Vẫn là câu chuyện EXO diễn cuối, netizen thở dài thay BTS: Công ty nhỏ thì chịu thôi! - Ảnh 5.

– “We all know what’s behind the chicken wings, just don’t say it straight”.

– “This makes me feel bored of SM artist. Honestly, SM’s recent concept and songs are getting bored. If I have to use money or power to get a chance to act like that, it’s embarrassing, the whole world recognizes BTS”.

– “BTS and EXO performances are truly different. Their situation is now an example of how you must have a solid backing to survive. EXO is a real success, but 2018 is BTS years no matter what anyone says, and must recognize all three BTS stages are even better!”.

– “From all sides, BTS is at the top of the last year but EXO is the last one! People don’t even know EXO last year to issue anything.How many people are there now? This is a testimony to abuse of company power. The audience is looking out”.

– “Sadly EXO is the group that is taught a lesson. It’s impossible to avoid comparison when performing right after BTS!”.

– “BTS has achieved so many achievements last year but it has no meaning to the stations, they are still unfair. K-Pop is spreading allover the world and the stations are still busy taking care of Big boys’ darling!”.

Vẫn là câu chuyện EXO diễn cuối, netizen thở dài thay BTS: Công ty nhỏ thì chịu thôi! - Ảnh 4.

On South Korea’s largest portal NAVER, comments also expressed similar views.

– “I totally agree. Feeling sad and sad when the oppressive situation in my country appears in such situations. I neither hate nor like SM artists but be honest and acknowledge. Last year they couldn’t do anything, all 3 stations are basically trying to create a SM party and invite talented artists from other medium-sized companies to come and have fun!”

– “Speaking objectively, both BTS and EXO are no longer in the same class to make comparisons. If BTS is Kim Yuna then EXO is Sotnikova. It’s like giving a gold medal to Sotnikova instead of Kim Yuna , EXO is not worthy of the end of the year after all of BTS’s achievements over the past year. The audience has the right to be angry and this is only worse if it continues. “

– “Strangely, SM has not changed since ancient times. I remember the time when G.O.D was famous and popular, being a national music group but SM still gave H.O.T the last performance.”

Rumors About The New Girlgroup Of SM Entertaiment Controversy

Recently, the music bands of the 4th generation move to greet the yard Kpop is getting more attention from the public, including new girlgroup of SM Entertainment. The outstanding success from SNSD or the achievements of Red Velvet make fan not stop curious about this group consort self-distribution.

Recently, the kingpin’s next girlgroup Kpop has bombshell when there are rumors that the vocalist of the idol is also the summit than Taeyeon (SNSD) and Wendy (Red Velvet). Specifically, two members of the group are known as the rookie NingNing (from China) and Koeun (from Korea).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Koeun

Koeun is trained in eight years and there are rumors she has to lose interest, losing debut along Red Velvet in the hands of Yeri. Meanwhile, NingNing – a young trainee was born in 2002 only just joined SM in 2016.

Can see two female interns are owned sweet voice but still quite immature. Though not yet know about the real capacity of Koeun and NingNing when debut will happen but netizen immediately had the threaded comments. A division that SM is too PR momentum and did not believe the two woman recruits might Taeyeon’s vocals are definitive food and Wendy:

Hình ảnh có liên quan

– “I’ve heard both sang and they even do not equal to the level of Wendy and Taeyeon. SM is used PR too far for the rookie then. If they cool, they will be released only”.

– “It is better to Wendy and Taeyeon, can I believe it?”

– “Trust or not, this is the good voice but why SM selected Yeri… Better than Taeyeon…. when she launched?? Or now ?? Hmmm, they exaggerated it! but still expect and hope there will be new power vocals!”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wendy (Red Velvet

Besides, it was suggested that the two singing Taeyeon and Wendy did not stand that they just are PR, praised excessively:

– “In the SM, Lina and Luna (f (x)) and Wendy, Taeyeon sang better, but they were underestimated while Taeyeon always be appreciated is No.1. Taeyeon vocals just a boring color bored. Even Wendy still do better”.

– “They can be better than that! Wendy where there is so great.”

– “I do not understand why some people think Taeyeon’s singing peaks when she only boring color as the others!”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Taeyeon

Undeniably far, the idol group SM always possess crisis vocal and the fans recognized, but the rookie could surpass predecessors or not, will have to wait until they launch new evaluation is warranted.

Managing Company Informed About The Future Of Want One: Break Done But Still Have Schedule

The managing company of Wanna One has just launched the official announcement of the final activity of the Korean music band.

In recent time, there have been many rumors about the contract of Wanna One will be renewed for a time instead of terminating on December 31st. These rumors made fans of this Korean music band happy and sad confusion. Come on December 18, the managing company of Wanna One is Swing Entertainment has launched the official announcement about this matter.

Công ty chủ quản thông báo về tương lai của Wanna One: Tan rã xong vẫn có lịch trình - Ảnh 1.

Other than the rumors before, Wanna One will not renew the contract but they will still have the schedule after the breakup.

According to this, in the official statement has just been launched, Swing Entertainment confirmed the contract of Wanna One will be terminated on December 31st. However, the company has added that they would still continue to manage the team for the duration of promotion rest until the final concert took place on January the following year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Wanna One

The official announcement of Swing Entertainment as follows:

“Hello, this is the Swing Entertainment. We would like to announce that 31/12/2018 is the date on which the contract of Want One expires.However, after the end of the contract, we will still manage the team until the last concert took place on January the following year.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swing Entertainment

We would like to thanks 11 members of Wanna One was for people to see the best aspects of them in times past from 8/2017. All the employees of the company will work hard along Wanna One throughout time left and we will always support the members on the way forward.

We also sincerely thanks to the fans in and outside the country have loved Wanna One. I hope that you still will cheer and sends his greetings to all members of the group when they finish the final promotion schedule and begin a new journey”.