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Tottenham lost to Liverpool bitterly: Mourinho was bitter, provoking Klopp

Mourinho was quite bitter when the home team lost to Liverpool in the 90th minute and went from outside to the press conference room with Klopp.

Mourinho’s Tottenham has just lost the unbeaten streak in the Premier League quite bitterly. They were Liverpool’s visitors in the 13th round and finished 1-2 with Firmino’s goal in the 90th minute. However, things were different if Bergwijn did not finish on the post at the beginning of the second half.

Losing at the last minute, Mourinho was clearly not satisfied. The Portuguese teacher immediately tried to “let go” when he greeted Klopp after the final whistle. The radio station returned to the scene where Klopp stopped and smiled after Mourinho’s words. The two sides had a few words and then separated with a smile on Klopp’s lips.

The reporters at the press conference were very curious about this and “Special One” did not hesitate to share. Of course, Mourinho also did not pass up the opportunity to tease his opponent.

“I told Klopp that the stronger team lost. He disagrees but that is his opinion. By the way, I have to say that if I take action off the border like Klopp, I would be sent off. If I were to hold the fourth referee’s stoppage sign (implying Pep Guardiola’s actions in the match between Man City and West Brom), so would fate. In short, everything between us is fine. It is none of my business to referees letting Klopp act like this. I’m just sad because I am different from the rest, but life is like that”.

In addition, the Portuguese teacher also shared his feelings about the match. “I think we had a good game against an opponent with great attack power. When you lose the ball, there is an 80% chance that the ball will reach your penalty area. The score setting table is completely deserved. It was a nice goal and Firmino had a very good header. I think my team is at its highest level of ability”.

Meanwhile, coach Jurgen Klopp also countered extremely smartly. “I think my English is much worse than you know. He approached me and said something. Looks like the better team has lost or something like that. You better ask Mourinho.”

Man City decided to give up the Messi deal

Man City decided to give up the Messi deal and turn to other goals, most shocking is Lukaku.

The future of Lionel Messi in Barcelona is constantly questioned when the contract between the two sides is only valid until the end of the 2020/21 season. With a bad performance on the field last time, the Nou Camp team can hardly hope the Argentine superstar changes his decision to leave.

If you break up with Barca, Man City is the ideal stop for Messi. Recently, the management of Man City has shown their determination to entice the M10 by extending the contract for another 2 years with his old close teacher, Pep Guardiola.

However, Messi has just received the information “lightning strike”. According to Spanish football expert Semra Hunter, Man City has ended all contact with the Argentinian superstar. The reason is attributed to age problems (Messi is 33 years old) and a salary of up to 100 million euros / year (£ 89 million) that the Etihad team is expected to pay Messi.

“Based on my sources, the door to Man City for Messi is closed. With age, he is entering the afternoon phase and will bring Man City a completely different session from himself. Over the past 17 years, despite joining the club on a free transfer, Messi’s staggeringly high salary – around 100 million euros a year will be a burden on any club in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Either sell off players, or have to cut staff, the team would rather invest in young players or the positions they really are lacking, “said Semra Hunter.

In the 2020/21 season, Messi has only 6 goals after 11 matches in all competitions, 5 of which come from the penalty spot. Obviously the Argentine superstar is no longer the best version of himself, so risking the “mountain” of money for him is like a gamble.

No longer interested in Messi, but recruiting a striker is still Man City’s priority in the context of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus struggling with injury. The Telegraph page recently revealed a list of the names targeted by the Etihad team, most notably former MU striker Romelu Lukaku. Even Man City has started this deal from the summer transfer window 2020.

After breaking up with MU, Lukaku shone brilliantly in the color of Inter Milan shirt with 34 goals / 51 matches in the 2019/20 season. This season, the Belgian striker also pocketed 9 goals / 9 matches. However, at present, the negotiation process is at a standstill because Inter Milan demanded 93 million pounds for Lukaku.

Also according to the Telegraph, Lukaku is in fact not the No. 1 goal that Man City is aiming for, but Darwin Nunez, the striker with Benfica. The Uruguayan striker was born in 1999, nicknamed “New Edinson Cavani” thanks to his impressive bodybuilding (1m87 high) and strong gameplay and scored 5 goals / 10 matches in his first season playing for Benfica.

Arsenal ditched Mesut Ozil for commercial interests in China?

Mesut Ozil has been ripped off by Arsenal to register for the Premier League and Europa League, which he thinks has commercial reasons.

According to the Daily Mail, Mesut Ozil believes Arsenal’s commercial interests in China influenced his decision to exclude him from the squad to register for the Premier League and Europa League.

The German midfielder launched a fierce attack on the club, which accuses Arsenal of loyalty, before adding that he will continue to use his voice to combat inhumaneity.

This aggressive statement by Ozil is believed to allude to the famous post he posted to Instagram last December, which condemns the mistreatment of Uighurs Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. This has damaging commercial consequences for the club.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV responded by dropping coverage of Arsenal’s Premier League match against Man City the next day. Meanwhile, Ozil’s comments were picked up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the Chinese Football Federation judgment.

As a result, Ozil was removed from the Chinese video game Pro Evolution Soccer, and his account was also removed from the social networking platform Weibo with 4 million followers.

Arsenal maintains a significant commercial presence in China, where the club owns a chain of restaurants and has an official lottery partner, which reinforces Ozil’s belief that he was disqualified for the aforementioned reason.

Although Ozil avoided criticizing coach Mikel Arteta, but was harsh to the club: “When I signed in 2018, I pledged to be loyal to my favorite club, Arsenal, and it saddened me for No respond”

As he just found out, it is difficult to have loyalty these days. He could promise us that this difficult decision will not change anything in his mind.

He will continue to practice as best he can and use his voice to fight inhumaneity and justice wherever possible.

Real welcomes 3 good news against Man City: Zidane dreamed upstream, hunted a brilliant double (Part 2)

As for Courtois, the Belgian goalkeeper also achieved 100% fitness after a recurrence of injury to his left thigh muscle, which made him absent from the match against Leganes in the final round of La Liga on July 20 and had to yield room for former PSG star Alphonse Areola in the wooden frame of “Los Blancos”.

Welcoming the trio of Courtois, Hazard and Asensio back to their strength, plus the main striker Karim Benzema is in high form, Real Madrid is confident to win with a difference of 2 goals or more against Man City to make a comeback Great upstream right at Etihad on 8/8 coming.

In the history of the Champions League in recent years, Barcelona, ​​AS Roma or Liverpool have made unbelievable rebirths in the second leg of the knockout rounds when the opponent led the table very deeply in the first leg.

Real Madrid himself under coach Zinedine Zidane is also showing a very respectable performance when he was unbeaten in the last 11 matches when La Liga returned in Covid-19 season (in which they won 10 consecutive matches to early champion 1 round). Under the French strategist at the first stage, “White Vulture” each won double championship La Liga and Champions League season 2016/17.

Zizou also led Real Madrid to set an unprecedented feat for three consecutive years to win the first club tournament in the old continent (2015/16 – 2017/18). Facing Man City is still potentially uncertain, especially after falling in the English Premier League and the FA Cup semi-finals this season, will the Spanish Royal team make a miracle of a comeback to continue. Dream of winning the double domestic championship and the European throne like 3 years ago?

Real welcomes 3 good news against Man City: Zidane dreamed upstream (Part 1)

Real Madrid has received a lot of good news related to the force situation as they prepare to march to England to rematch Man City in the second round of the 1/8 Champions League (C1 Cup) on the morning of August 8.

Real Madrid is still happily drunk after having just surpassed rivals Barcelona to win the La Liga championship in the 2019/20 season. It is also the title of the 34th Spanish National Championship in the history of “White Vulture” – a new record of bullfighting country football.

But Real Madrid ‘s immediate task is still very heavy when the 2019/20 season is not over for them. In the near future, the teachers and students of Zinedine Zidane will have to be guests at the Etihad of Man City in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League, taking place at 2:00 am 8/8 (Vietnam time).

In the first leg in February, at the Santiago Bernabeu home field, Real Madrid lost 1-2 to Pep Guardiola’s army and captain Sergio Ramos midfielder Sergio Ramos also had to receive a red card when blocking the left. allowed Gabriel Jesus to end the game to prevent the Brazilian striker from facing goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

However, Zidane still has quality replacements when Nacho Fernandez or Eder Militao are fully capable of replacing Ramos (suspended) to stop the strength of Man City’s attack, especially when the home team. Etihad will be without key striker Sergio Aguero due to not recovering from a knee injury.

Meanwhile, according to Marca, Real Madrid has just received the good news when the three pillars in both their defense and attack, goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and wing duo Eden Hazard – Marco Asensio are all fully fit.

100 million euros blockbuster Hazard and Asensio each had a long-term injury and seemed to have to split the 2019/20 season soon. However, with this season being prolonged due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, they accidentally helped these two stars recover from their injuries to be ready with Real as a guest of the upcoming Man City.

Man City has a better defender than Van Dijk, Real is difficult to go upstream of the Cup (Part 2)

That is indeed also reasonable because in the past few seasons City has struggled against teams with a style of play that is not inferior in terms of efficiency, because their defense is always at risk of a counterattack. 

Pep’s first season they lost to Monaco of Bernardo Silva, Mbappe and Fabinho, and the next season they were defeated by Liverpool’s tactics. The Tottenham case is somewhat lucky, but it also shows that City has not yet overcome the weakness of the counterattack.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 4

But with the upcoming game City being placed in a position that is rarely seen, they have the lead and need to keep the score. Man City’s defense is not appreciated and this team is often seen as a team to compensate for the defense. Does Real still have a chance to go upstream?

It is very difficult, because Man City of recent matches is not an ordinary Man City, the audience still thinks. The return of Aymeric Laporte has become extremely important, 15 games City played this season against Laporte in the squad, Man City conceded just four goals and kept 11 clean sheets. In the last 10 matches City kept 7 clean sheets. Laporte’s form is probably even better than Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk this year.

Meanwhile, Real does not have a key figure of the defense, captain Sergio Ramos, because of a suspension. Although Raphael Varane and Eder Militao have both been playing well recently, Ramos is more in command than both and the results have shown that Ramos, no matter what of the two, will help Real defend more effectively than Varane. & Militao rocks together.

Man City even without Sergio Aguero will still not be bored with Real, even this season they averaged 2.9 goals / game without Aguero and scored 2.5 goals / game when Aguero played. The Sterling trio – Mahrez – Jesus are present in 103 Man City goals scored in all competitions, not to mention Kevin De Bruyne will also be present.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 3

City without Aguero is still the top attacker in Europe. Real without Ramos is not necessarily the best defence in the continent, but in the next game they need attack more than defense. Zidane has never been eliminated from the Champions League when he leads Real, but is afraid that the day will come.

MU, Inter Milan and 6 moons to enter the quarter-finals of the Europa League this season?

After the last matches of the 1/8 Europa League round this morning (August 7), the eight most worthy names to compete in the quarterfinals in Germany have been identified.

After more than 5 months of rest due to the raging Covid-19, the Europa League season 2019/20 has returned. If yesterday (August 6), MU , Inter Milan, Copenhagen and Shakhtar Donetsk won the tickets, then this morning (August 7), the last 4 tickets to the quarterfinals of this European Cup were available.

The teams that have just passed the eighth round are Sevilla, Wolverhampton, Basel and Bayer Leverkusen after their successful matches against their opponents. 

MU, Inter Milan và 6 anh hào nào tiến vào tứ kết Europa League mùa này? - 1

On the MSV Arena in Duisburg (Germany), Sevilla – the team that holds the record 5 times to win the Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup) excellently defeated the formidable candidate AS Roma thanks to 2 goals. in the first half of Sergio Reguilon and Youssef En-Nesyri.

In another match, at BayArena’s home field, Bayer Leverkusen gently won coach Steven Gerrard’s Glasgow Rangers to win the ticket with a total of 4-1.

Also taking good advantage of playing the second leg of the round 1/8 Europa League at his “headquarters” to enter the quarterfinals of the Europa League is Wolverhampton.

MU, Inter Milan và 6 anh hào nào tiến vào tứ kết Europa League mùa này? - 2

At home Molineux, “Wolves” England won 1-0 over Olympiakos thanks to the successful penalty of Raul Jimenez in the 9th minute after the fatal mistake of goalkeeper Bobby Allain on the side of the guests from Greece. Olympiacos missed a golden opportunity to equalize when Mohamed Mady Camara missed another penalty in the 28th minute.

Overcoming Olympiakos 1-0 in the second leg and winning 2-1 after two matches, Wolves got tickets to the quarter-finals. The last place in the round for the eight best teams in the Europa League this season belonged to Basel when the favorite team of tennis legend Roger Federer launched the “finishing” blow to Eintracht Frankfurt in the 88th minute thanks to Fabian Frei to defeat the opponent 1-0 in the second leg and the total score 4-0 after two matches.

In the quarterfinals of this year’s Europa League with matches taking place on neutral grounds in Germany, MU will clash with Copenhagen at 2:00 am August 11 at RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne). At the same time, Inter Milan will face formidable rival Bayer Leverkusen at Merkur Spiel-Arena (Dusseldorf). 

Then exactly one day, at 2 am on August 12, Shakhtar Donetsk will fight Basel at Arena AufSchalke (Gelsenkirchen), and Wolverhampton will fight former King Sevilla at MSV Arena (Duisburg).

If MU wins the Danish team Copenhagen, “Red Devils” may meet Sevilla in the semi-finals on August 17 if coach Julen Lopetegui’s team overcomes Wolves in the quarterfinals.

In the event that MU and Inter Milan participate in the Europa League final this year, which takes place at 2 a.m on August 21 at the RheinEnergieStadion (Cologne), “Red Devils” will have the opportunity to meet 3 players again. were sold by them to the “Nerazzurri” as Romelu Lukaku, Ashley Young and Alexis Sanchez.

Man City has a better defender than Van Dijk, Real is difficult to go upstream of the Cup (Part 1)

Man City are not only leading Real Madrid 2-1 and have the advantage of an away goal, but they also have a very good defensive record recently.

The Champions League is about to return and one of the most notable matches is the return leg of the eighth round between Man City and Real Madrid, Real despite winning La Liga, but they will enter the match at a disadvantage, being 1-2 after the first leg at home.

The match will see a top-notch match between two top coaches, Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane. They have all proved their formidable strategic thinking, Pep continues to make City the best goal in Europe while Zidane’s Real wins the championship with the least conceding defense in La Liga.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 1

Two opposing aspects will make an interesting match, but with this match alone the disadvantage is favoring Real. They rely on defense to win the domestic championship, but their attack is not really a “monster” in Europe while City can play counter-attack and the space that Real’s defense will leave will be them. make the most of it to score more goals.

Real must score at least 2 goals and concede no more than 1 goal to have the opportunity to continue. This will be a difficult battle for Zidane and his students, because although Karim Benzema is in high form and beside him, Real also has many players who can score at any time, they no longer meet a Man City of old times.

Man City có siêu hậu vệ giỏi hơn Van Dijk, Real khó ngược dòng Cúp C1 - 2

Man City advanced deepest in the Champions League season 2015/16 when they reached the semi-finals and lost only 1 goal to Real Madrid, but that was when Manuel Pellegrini was in the lead. Under Guardiola, “The Citizens” did not progress past the quarter-finals and it was judged that they did not have the bravery and level necessary to win European Cup matches.

The best squad in La Liga has 4 Real Madrid players and only 1 Barca

Marca newspaper voted for the best team of La Liga in the 2019/20 season including 4 Real Madrid champions but only one Barca representative.

Real Madrid surpassed Barca to win the La Liga championship, so it’s easy to understand that they have more representatives in the best squad of the season. Messi also took the top scorer position, but also the only representative of Barca.

Goalkeeper: Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid have conceded only 25 goals this season and Courtois has made a great contribution in that achievement. You may not be better than Jan Oblak but you absolutely deserve to be selected.

Defender: Felipe (Atletico Madrid)

After arriving from Porto last summer, the experienced Felipe proved extremely solid for the famous defense of coach Diego Simone.

Defender: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

Ramos has scored 11 goals in La Liga this season and plays the role of captain leading Los Blancos to glory.

Defender: Diego Carlos (Sevilla)

Carlos came from Nantes and played 35/38 matches in La Liga for Sevilla helping the team finish fourth.

Midfielder: Casemiro (Real Madrid)

There is no doubt that Casemiro spent the best season in white. He only missed 3 matches and was always important for coach Zinedine Zidane.

Midfielder: Santi Cazorla (Villarreal)

At 35, the former Arsenal star still shone for Villarreal, playing 35 games and scoring 11 goals. He will leave to move to Al Sadd.

Midfielder: Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)

The Argentine created an incredible season with 14 goals for Sevilla to win tickets to the Champions League.

Midfielder: Martin Odegaard (Real Sociedad)

The 21-year-old is ready to play for Real Madrid’s first team when called back. He played an outstanding role at Sociedad when the club won 6th place and participated in the Europa League.

Forward: Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Messi’s influence on Barca is enormous, reflected through 25 goals and 21 assists.

Forward: Gerard Moreno (Villarreal)

Moreno has scored 18 goals in 35 matches for the Yellow Submarine, becoming a phenomenon in attack.

Forward: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

Despite being 32 years old, Benzema always knows how to find the opponent’s net, with a total of 21 times, contributing greatly to the championship team. 

MU slipped out of the Top 4 if the Premier League calculated by the Ligue 1 formula

MU will be outside the Top 4 Premier League this season if calculated according to the formula of Ligue 1. Another team is Arsenal also does not have good rankings.

MU, Tottenham and Arsenal will all be outside the Top 4 in the Premier League if the tournament is calculated according to the formula that Ligue 1 has applied to give the championship to PSG. The French championship this season was cancelled after the French government banned all sports activities until September to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

MU trượt khỏi Top 4 nếu Ngoại hạng Anh tính theo công thức Ligue 1

However, the French Football Federation still decided to award the title of Ligue 1 to PSG after consulting with the clubs attending the tournament and applying a special scoring method. So what happens if the Premier League also applies this scoring method?

The French Football Federation has calculated the points ratio based on the available data about the matches that took place this season to conclude that PSG will win Ligue 1. played both matches in this season.

Which club has 2 wins against the same opponent has 3 points; 1 win and 1 draw is 2 points; 1 win and 1 loss is 1.5 points; 2 draws are 1 point; 1 draw and 1 loss is 0.5 point. Failure in both matches of course has no points. If the two clubs meet only once this season, the results will be the same.

If this method is applied in the Premier League, Liverpool will be crowned champion with a score of 109. Man City, Leicester and Chelsea respectively occupy the remaining positions in the Top 4. MU ranked fifth to win tickets to Europa. League, if the ban on Man City has not been lifted and MU will not win the Europa League this season.

Arsenal was even worse when the club dropped to 12th place if the Premier League applied the points ratio. Calculated, the current Top 8 English Premier League does not change position when applying the Ligue 1 scoring method.

MU trượt khỏi Top 4 nếu Ngoại hạng Anh tính theo công thức Ligue 1

However, this option may not be applicable when the Premier League’s Organizing Committee is planning to return the tournament from June 8.