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NRL is not involved in the sale but the player is warned

Detectives investigating allegations of settling the results of the NRL match Rugby in Australia has discovered some cases that could be considered a criminal violation, but these are not related to NRL Football League.

Violations including drug supply and money laundering lead to warnings of players from different teams. After a two-year investigation, New South Wales Police Organized Crime Extermination Team, with Inspector Steve Cook, said there were stories that NRL or Football League followed Australian Formula, very eager to know.

“That investigation has been completed and there will be no prosecution after this investigation, there are a number of issues raised in the investigation, related to other Organizational Crime Exclusion missions, for further investigation”.


There were four matches in the season from 2015 to 2016 that were investigated and the police said they were satisfied when there was no match for the matches. NRL President Todd Greenberg said it was a positive result. “What I am very interested in has been hundreds of hours of investigation, interview and follow-up, and there has been no prosecution at all”.

The tactical force, called Nuralda, has looked at 46,000 pages of paper plus 300 pages of federal government financial executives’ data, monitoring Australian people’s transfers, referred to as Austrac. There were 161 invited witnesses, and 59 search cases along with 13 people, considered characters that seemed to be involved in the case.


Detective Cook said the investigation was successful. “It was absolutely a victory because firstly, NRL felt confident that this was carefully considered, and secondly, it highlighted some fundamental issues for the safety of bridges. their status, status as well as the status of the NRL, which we have mentioned”.

Police said they did not suspect that some players had spread information related to four matches and were investigated. They also said that the profiles of these players remain confidential, so their details will not be disclosed to the NRL’s ethics department. But the issue of NRL players involved in organized crime is a real thing.

Chile vs Peru: The champion decides or the Black Horse will step forward?

Chile will face Peru in the semifinals of the Copa America 2019, the defending champions will have to decode the the opponent if they want to have a third consecutive tournament to the Copa America 2019.

Chile is showing a respectable stubbornness on the road to the semi-finals of the Copa America 2019. Meanwhile Peru is not just a hand when the tournament’s black horse has also pocketed the heavyweight candidate – Uruguay. The confrontation between Chile and Peru promises to be dramatic and unpredictable.

Chile – Difficult to stop the king

Chile’s squad came to the 2019 Copa making not many people believe that they will go far in this year’s tournament. Despite being the defending champion, the responsibility is still on the shoulders of those who have had two previous titles and are no longer fit.

Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Vargas and even Medel have been Chile’s frameworks in recent years. They may not be anything at the club but when they return to the national team, they show a different face. A Vidal is perfect in both attack and defense, a Sanchez is the focal point of the ball and a strange Vargas with goals.


Chile is no longer young, but even so they still do not lack the spirit and desire. Looking at the way Vidal fought with Colombia’s stardom, no one thought he was 32 years old. Alexis Sanchez’s aggressive moves are unlike what they see on Man United.

What does Chile now own? It is not the speed of play or too rich in fighting, it is not the attack. Looking back and forth, Chile does not stand out but carries in the remarkable bravery. That is the character of the champions, which will probably bring them to the Copa America final for the third time in a row.

Peru – Black Horse doesn’t want to stop

Peru is not the name that experts or fans mentioned before the Copa America took place. But remember the last 2 times they all finish in 3rd place. They are only considered black horse when nobody thinks they will go far but if they look at their interests, Peru came to Copa America season this year not just to win the 3rd prize.


Looking at the heavy defeat of 0-5 in front of Brazil, Peru seems fragile but they are not really fragile. If there is no bad luck, they are not easy to lose to Brazil.

Meeting Uruguay with the Cavani and Suarez couples but the certainty made the opponent frustrated and helped Peru continue on the spot. The confrontation between the two most annoying teams will create an unpredictable confrontation in the Copa America semi-final. Peru certainly does not want to stop as the past two Copa America finals are their goal.