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Juventus: With Sarri, Ronaldo is the scariest back?

New Italian media then mentioned the possibility of Maurizio Sarri turning Cristiano Ronaldo from CR7 to CR9 from next season. The goal here is to optimize Ronaldo’s ability to hunt goals.

Juventus bought Ronaldo back to Ronaldo to serve their goal of conquering their major titles, especially the Champions League (of course). But different from other stars, Ronaldo is the “Special One” in the star world, though the cult of the philosophy of “collective is first” and “the team is the biggest star”, Juve must also serve expectations of Ronaldo in the literal sense of this concept.


The reason is very simple. Ronaldo is not only a goalscoring machine, not only a striker can guarantee Juve a few dozen goals in Serie A each season, can score Juve goals in the Champions League. Ronaldo also brought Juve other “surplus values” equally as professional. He helped Juve up the brand.

He helps Juve to broaden coverage worldwide. He helps Juve increase ticket sales, advertising sales … In other words, he helps Juve increase the ability to make money. A player who has made a major contribution, has just made a big commercial contribution to the club, of course Juve cannot be as equal as other stars but must accept to turn Ronaldo into exception.

What does it mean to serve Ronaldo here? Juve must choose the game to create maximum conditions for Ronaldo to score, score and score. The desire to shine, the ambition and motivation of Ronaldo how we all are clear. With Ronaldo, happiness on the football field means goals are scored and trophies are conquered. Establishing a competitive system that allows Ronaldo to score the most can certainly make Ronaldo happy.


Which makes Ronaldo happy also means serving the goals of Juve because Ronaldo is satisfied, he can maintain the inspiration to play and stick with the Italian team for a long time. And that’s what Juve needs, is also what Juve wants because if you invest 112 million euros on Ronaldo and have not conquered the Champions League, you have to sell Ronaldo, then Juve failed in terms of sports (though it can be big about trade). 28 goals/42 matches in the league (21 goals in Serie A) Ronaldo scored for Juve in the first season is obviously a very good start to any star but with Ronaldo it is clearly a step backwards compared to the time. Real jacket. So he is not really happy. He has sometimes shown it last season and Max Allegri has to go away partly because he has not optimized Ronaldo’s performance.

How to optimize Ronaldo?

Italian media said that Sarri is expected to turn Ronaldo into a “virtual 9” from next season and he was quoted as saying “will help Ronaldo score at least 40 goals per season”. The first season in Juventus, Ronaldo kicked the left wing in a 3-man attack. But Ronaldo scored poorly compared to his time at Real not because he kicked the left wing at Juve while in Real he was in the middle.

In fact, Ronaldo is a good soccer player, also effective whether left wing, right wing or midfield. Simply, he has the ability to play extremely good ball, very sensitive in sniffing the opportunity, occupying space and choosing the position, so where Ronaldo kicked on Juve attack next season is absolutely not The effective determinant of his goals.


The problem here is not to place Ronaldo where the other players support him. Although playing independently well, Ronaldo still needs to be served, especially anyway he is 34 years old.

Exactly he needs and wants to receive as much ball as possible in dynamic situations. You need to be able to create many free kick chances if you’re dead. Last season, Ronaldo ‘s demand was not really good at Juventus because Juve lacked excellent footers and because of Max Allegri’ s rather cautious tactics.

But Sarri chose to attack football so Juve will play football that allows Ronaldo to have the opportunity to optimize his goalscoring. Juve actually had good factors for Sarri’s attacking play such as Bernardeschi, Bonucci, Alex Sandro… They recruited Aaron Ramsey (good at the ball) to optimize Ronaldo. They decided to buy De Ligt also to optimize Ronaldo. And of course, they chose Sarri instead of Max Allegri to also optimize Ronaldo.

Juve is doing everything to make Ronaldo happy, which also means making themselves happy when the above-mentioned relationship is two-dimensional.

Kate Upton, Miley Cyrus and the hottest girls in the world

Before Olivia Culpo, Kate Upton and Miley Cyrus were chosen by Maxim magazine as the hottest women in the world.

Recently, Maxim magazine announced Olivia Culpo to lead the list of the 100 hottest women in 2019. Culpo shared the joy on personal accounts: “Smart and successful women who once stood in this position inspire me a lot, both in life and career “. After crowned Miss Universe 2012, she became a model, fashionista, blogger famous for bold fashion.


Last year, this position belonged to Kate Upton. She has been a famous model and actress since 2011 when she appeared sexy in Sports Illustrated magazine. The big round is the weapon to help American models impress. Interview, 9X long legs confirmed her breasts are natural. She admits that sometimes she wants to shrink her peach mound to wear her favorite outfit.


In 2017, the face is at the top of the chart to be model Hailey, Justin Bieber’s fiancee. The 23-year-old leg possesses a beautiful face, sexy brown skin. She did not appear dense on the catwalk but was welcomed by many big fashion and magazine brands.

Maxim magazine voted Stella Maxwell the most attractive woman in the world in 2016. She just turned 29, 1.77 m high and has a hot body. In his career, Maxwell acted for Victoria’s Secret internal label, making the face of Balmain, Versace, Marc Jacobs… She also caught the attention of same-sex love with actress Kristen Stewart.


Taylor Swift is known as a slender female singer. However, she has actively practiced to make three rounds more attractive. In 2015, Shake It Off was the lead in the list of the 100 hottest women in the world in the surprises of many audiences.

The location above belongs to supermodel Candice Swanepoel in 2014. She is one of Victoria’s Secret’s most expensive angels with professional strides, the ability to earn money. Although there are two births now, the long legs of South Africa still have a very slim and attractive body.


When announced as the hottest woman in 2013, Miley Cyrus couldn’t help but be happy. She shared: “I am extremely happy to be number one in the list of 100’s Hot 100. The dream has come true”.

Bar Refaeli – Jewish model and actress – was chosen by Maxim as the hottest woman in 2012. The 34-year-old long leg has been a lot of success in her career but also faced with many difficulties. Regarding romance, she used to have a love relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.