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Sir Alex has no voice at MU, helplessly watching the team fall into crisis

Sir Alex has no voice at MU as many people think. Former Scotland coach believes Mauricio Pochettino is the right man to lead MU but in the end, the team leader chose Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Sir Alex will wave and smile when he returns to Old Trafford in the 20th anniversary of the Champions League Final in 1999, when United beat Bayern Munich to complete the great treble.

However, MU fans understand that this 77-year-old man is feeling sad about the decline of the “Red Devils”, since he retired in 2013. It is said that, decided plans to appoint Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the official coach of Manchester United with Sir Alex’s hand in hand when the former Scottish coach is said to still have a great influence on the club. But the truth is very different. According to the Daily Mail, Sir Alex believes that the most suitable person to take over at Manchester is Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham manager.


Sir Alex’s relationship with Solskjaer is not as close as it seems. In fact, Sir Alex felt isolated and had no voice at the club, since he left. Sir Alex knew what the problem was for the club and he was always ready to give advice to MU’s management. Unfortunately, the powerful figures in MU like Ed Woodward, Richard Arnold and Matt Judge never pick up the phone to ask for Sir Alex’s advice.

Even Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not search for Sir Alex for advice on using players or playing tactics. “Sir Alex feels contradictory. Sir Alex sees the irony that despite his retirement, he still spends a lot of time thinking about MU. But Sir Alex loves the club and he feels pain when his opinion I am not considered by the club”, a source close to the Professional Coach Association in the UK told the Daily Mail.

“Sir Alex knew he was no longer leading MU but he would be happy if someone from the club asked for help”, the source continued. Sir Alex will never criticize publicly the club leadership or anyone. The former coach told the fans during the farewell ceremony of MU: “Your job is to support our new coach”.

That quote refers to David Moyes and then a series of other coaches like Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and the latest, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Unfortunately, no coach can help MU to add a Premier League title alongside the 13 titles Sir Alex won. Last season, Manchester United finish at the 6th position and the poor team is Man City to 32 points.


Gary Neville has criticized MU’s current board who do not understand anything about football: “I think they should move the club’s rulers back to business, back to London”. Sir Alex may agree with what Neville said. He was skeptical about the club’s global scouting network and believed that the department worked too inefficiently, causing MU to perform poorly on Techmart, typically with the club spending £52 million to buy Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk.

Sir Alex believed that MU should need to invest in buying forces after he retired. However Ed Woodward did not think so. Mike Phelan, assistant to Sir Alex, had to leave Old Trafford. Zaha, the last contract Sir Alex brought to United was disgraced under David Moyes, when the coach used Adnan Januzaj. This is probably the wrong decision when at this time, Zaha’s transfer price reached nearly 100 million pounds, many times the amount that MU sold him to Crystal Palace.

Wayne Rooney, the player Sir Alex thinks has passed his peak and needs to leave, is awarded by Manchester United for a £70m deal. Meanwhile, MU does not invest to buy players in other necessary positions.

After the commemorative match this weekend, it would not be surprising if Sir Alex returned home, continuing to watch the news of the club and waiting for a call to help from the MU leadership.

Mr. Trump’s modeling company closed

Trump Model Management, a modeling company founded by US President Donald Trump in 1999, was closed for reasons that came from conflicts with models.

“I am very sad and painful when I have to end this way. We used to be a very close team and work hard together”, a company employee told the Hollywood Reporter. “We did our best and it is clear that the models feel satisfied. There were people who stayed until the end”, he added.

According to some sources, Mr. Donald Trump’s modeling company has been experiencing unrest for a long time. According to the Washington Post, a senior manager of the company resigned and founded another model company, Anti Management. Not only that, this person also enticed the models in Trump company to join the new unit, causing Trump Model Management to experience human bleeding. Among them, the most notable is the departure of supermodel Maggie Rizer just before the November presidential election.

However, according to the Huffington Post, the most serious reason may have to mention the legal problems that this company has. At the beginning of October last year, Trump Model Management was sued by a color model who sued for wages.

Alexia Palmer, a model from Jamaica accused the company of lying to the federal government on a work visa application that she would receive $ 75,000 a year while living in the United States. However, after three years this person only received nearly 4,000 USD and said that the company had “deliberately misrepresented the nature of work” and violated labor laws, immigration law. Her claim is still being left open by the court.

In addition to Alexia’s case, four other unnamed models also voiced that they had to work illegally at Mr. Trump’s company without a work visa. Trump Model Management was established in 1999 and is one of the most prominent companies of US President Donald Trump besides real estate and hotel companies …

Many famous models who have operated under the management of this company such as Paris Hilton, Elena Melnik, Kara Young, Paulina Vega …